ASR members become SoR Fellows

The ASR heartily congratulates two of its longstanding members, Roger Tanner and David Boger, who have been made Fellows of the Society of Rheology (SoR). All in the Australian rheology community will be familiar with these two eminent rheologists, not just for their academic works, but also for their involvement in the Australian Society of Rheology and international contributions. Further information on the two recipients and their achievements are detailed below.

Roger Tanner

Roger Tanner is a pioneer in the field of rheology with more than half a century of experience. Although he is best known for his Engineering Rheology book, his scholarly contributions to experimental and computational rheology is are broad and include another 3 books, 11 book chapters, 270 refereed Journal journal papers and 88 conference manuscripts.

Roger is an elected member of several Academies including the Australian Academy for Technological Sciences and Engineering (FTSE, 1977); ), the Australian Academy of Science (FAA, 1979); ), and the Royal Society of London (FRS, 2001), as well as being an Honorary Fellow of Engineers Australia and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He has been awarded several medals including the Medallion from the Australian Society of Rheology (1993); ), and the Gold Medal from the British Society of Rheology (2000).

David Boger

David Boger has had an illustrious career spanning five decades. Some of his major works include the discovery of Boger fluids, and the demonstration of how basic surface chemistry can strongly determine yield stress and other properties of particulate fluids. Equally remarkable is his commitment to applying the insights from basic research to solve hard industrial problems, consulting extensively with the petroleum, food and minerals industries. He has also extensively worked towards achieving an environmentally sustainable minerals industry, resulting in a considerable shift in the industry’s approach to waste management.

He has been awarded several medals including the British Society of Rheology Gold Medal, the Walter Ahlstom Environmental Prize by the Finnish Academies of Technology, the Medallion of the Australian Society of Rheology, the Flinders Medal of the Australian Academy of Science, the Chemeca Medal of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, and the Clunies Ross National Science and Technology Award. He has also been awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science, the Centenary Medal, and the Victoria Prize. He was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering, and the Royal Society.


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