About the ASR

The Society came into being in 1983 when the pre-existing Australian Branch of the British Society of Rheology (which had been formed in 1959) was dissolved. The Society is open to all who are practising, or have an interest, in the field of Rheology. There are no formal requirements for entry. We are privileged to number amongst our members leading Australian Rheologists from both Academic and Industrial backgrounds. We also have at present nine honorary life members. There are two classes of membership: Full, and Student (for full-time students). The financial year of the Society is July to June. The ASR was incorporated in 2010 with registration number A0055806E. The Constitution of the Society can be viewed and downloaded via the Members Only section.

Activities :
The affairs of the Society are governed by a Council who are elected annually by the members present at the AGM. The current Council is drawn from academe, commerce and industry, a long-standing and happy marriage that we value highly and strive to perpetuate.

As well as providing a forum for rheologists from all persuasions and backgrounds, an important function of the ASR is to educate and inform. Prominent rheologists are invited to conduct seminars, lectures and courses or workshops, frequently in association with another scientific society, industry or university department. Every two years, or so, the ASR organises a Conference on Rheology which provides an opportunity, especially for younger rheologists, to present new results and developments in their field. The Society usually provides some financial support to assist Student Members who present papers at the Conference. It is also an opportunity for students to hear and meet some of the "luminaries" and older members in the field. Informal evening seminars, which combine social as well as intellectual discourse, are held regularly and the AGM usually takes place in July or August. This latter event which is held in a relatively modest restaurant, is totally informal and provides an excellent venue for members and partners to meet each other. Informality has always been a feature of the Society’s events. We particularly encourage students and newcomers to rheology to participate in the Society’s activities. Many members have formed long-lasting friendships that have carried through their professional lives.