Alexei Likhtman

The ASR was saddened to learn that Alexei Likhtman passed away on Sunday 11th Oct 2015. He was in the US for the Society of Rheology conference in Baltimore, where he lost his balance while visiting Annapolis Rock on the Appalachian Trail.

For those who want to read more, the University of Reading wedsite has a page with some fitting tributes to Alexei, see:


The BBC Berkshire breakfast show also contained a number of items dedicated to Alexei. The programme can be accessed online at:


The first 15 minutes contain some tributes and discussion with Tom McLeish and Daniel Read, talking in particular abouts some of Alexei's work. About 1 hr and 10 minutes in there is an interview with Prof. Simon Chandler-Wilde, from Reading. Some quotes from the interviews also here:


Several news agencies carried reports of the accident, with similar text. Here are two of them:



Tom McLeish managed to capture something of Alexei with these words: "Alexei was one of those wonderful people who embodies the important truth that just because something is obvious, doesn't make it ture. Alexei would challenge every idea that we had - including the ones that we though were obviously true"


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