2013 AGM proceedings

With 2013 being the thirtieth anniversary of the Australian Society of Rheology, the Annual General Meeting was suitably graced with two special guest presentations, and the award of an ASR Medallion, in the presence of two previous Medallion recipients. 

The proceedings commenced with the formal business, with addresses by the President and Treasurer.  The Secretary co-ordinated the voting in of the new Council, which comprised all of the previous Council, plus the addition of Jason Stokes. 

ASR President Mark Coghill addresses the room. 

We next heard an explanation of the heritage of the ASR Medallion from esteemed sculptor Michael Meszaros

Sculptor Michael Meszaros explains the history of the ASR Medallion.

Having set the scene, ASR President Mark Coghill presented an ASR Medallion to Prof. Sati Bhattacharya (RMIT), for his lifelong achievements in the field of rheology. 

Prof. Bhattacharya making his acceptance speech.

Presentation of the ASR Medallion.

In attendance were two of the three previous recipients, Prof. Roger Tanner and Prof. David Boger. 

Past winners Prof. Boger (left) and Prof. Tanner (right) stand with the latest recipient of the ASR Medallion, Prof. Sati Bhattacharya. 

Prof. Boger later gave an after-dinner speech, emphasising inter alia the importance of rheology in handling tailings, and allowing dry stacking rather than creation of dams of wet slurry that are prone to collapse. 

Prof. Boger in full flight, reciting a 'poem' entitled Rheol-Logic, by Barry Bernstein. 

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